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A message from the Chairman re Covid-19

A message from the Chairman re Covid-19

12 Jun 2020

Dear all


Several recent publications on the re-start of cricket can be very mis-leading for people who read them without due consideration of the word “if”. Therefore; I would like to confirm the current Sellers HJCL official thinking as we arrive within days of what should have been the half-way stage of the 2020 season.


At the forefront I would like to make it clear that HJCL have a strong desire to provide a framework for junior cricket in 2020 for as long as it is practical to do so. However; we are totally committed to working within ECB Guidelines and until such time as they announce a re-start date, and its associated conditions, there are far too many variables for anybody to draw up a meaningful framework. This is especially the case because it is unlikely that all previous entrants will remain current.


There are a few things that we can now state with some certainty and a couple of topics which demonstrate our current thinking.


We believe that the season can be extended subject to consideration of light, morning dew and external factors.

All our standard Knock-Out Cup competitions have now become impractical and are therefore now officially cancelled for the 2020 season.

All our standard league and associated trophy competitions (e.g. averages) become impractical once you go past the halfway stage and so if we have not started by 6th July then they will be cancelled.

Once we receive a potential re-start date we will ask all clubs to verify their entry within 7 days – so clubs are advised to start consideration now.

We believe that any opportunity to start a very much shortened season will be an ideal opportunity for us to trial new ideas. We are in contact with ECB who are considering alternative adaptations to the standard game and we ourselves have outlined a 6-a-side game alternative for u9s.


It is likely that we will schedule a video-conference before any re-start so please give consideration and if you have any ideas/comments please email Stephen Sykes or Phil Senior in advance.


Stay safe



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A message from the Chairman re Covid-19

12th Jun 2020

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